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At Smart Rain, we're all about minimizing water consumption

Smart Rain’s Smart Irrigation Controller is one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced controllers on the market today. SMART RAIN SMARTCONTROLLER™ COMES WITH: 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, Remote access, 48 zones capability, Multiple flow sensors and master valve capability, Rain sensor capability, EPA WaterSense Certified and Lifetime Warranty.

We designed Smart Rain technology to give you a birds-eye view into your property’s water usage:

  • Smart Controller. As the brains behind the operation, the smart controller connects to all sensors, monitors local weather reports, and is controlled via mobile app.
  • Smart Rain mobile app. Take 24/7 control of every irrigation zone on your property along with google maps integration.

Smart Rain’s mission is to save our customers money and to protect our most valuable resource – WATER.


  • Smart Rain: Com Pro 3 Controller
    SMART RAIN SMARTCONTROLLERS™ COME WITH: 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, Remote access, Waterproof controller box, 48 zones capability, Multiple flow sensors & master valve capability, Rain sensor capability, and Lifetime Warranty....

  • We know that our customers want 24/7 monitoring of every irrigation zone on their property, so we created an industry-leading app to do just that. The Smart Rain SmartApp™ is available on iOS and Android phones and desktops and works with mobile networks, 4G LTE, and Cat M1 communications.


    Limited watering window? Our smart irrigation zone stacking allows you to water all your selected zones at one time while auto-adjusting based on available flow rates.


    VirtualWeatherStation™ cloud-based software makes remotely managing your irrigation simple. With our patented technology, you can tap into over 1 million different virtual weather stations across North America right from your phone. VirtualWeatherStation™ cloud-based software seamlessly integrates the data so you can easily remotely manage your irrigation system.


    Smart Rain SmartMapping™ provides cloud-based irrigation management software for remote managing all your irrigation needs. Smart Rain SmartMapping™ includes mapping tools to allow you to interact with your own custom map as you make adjustments or turn zones on and off all with a simple tap of your finger.

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