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Netafim USA

5470 E Home Ave
Fresno,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 238

Netafim can help you grow more with less.

Founded in 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip revolution and has dedicated over five decades of innovation to provide today's landscape professionals with a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective irrigation. 

Recognizing the evolving needs of a diverse and dynamic landscape industry, Netafim addresses the challenges of modern landscapes through innovative products, education, training and research. Together, we can create sustainable landscapes and grow more with less.  


  • Techline Copper
    Techline Copper was designed to give you three levels of protection against root intrusion, the Cupron Copper Stripe, Cupron Copper Emitter, and the physical root barrier of the patented emitter design....

    Roots are one of the biggest threats against a high performing drip system, they can enter the outlet hole reducing or blocking flow. Cupron® copper oxide (Cu20) technology effectively deters roots from entering the dripline. During manufacturing, the copper oxide is infused into the emitter and stripe of the dripline through a patent-pending process which ensures that the copper will remain embedded for the life of the product. It will not wash off, wear off or leach out. Netafi m sets the bar for innovation in drip irrigation with Copper. Cupron® copper oxide-based technology allows for maximum performance. The integration of copper oxide in the external stripe and internal emitter, and the unique patented emitter design with physical root barrier provides three levels of protection, giving your system the best defense against root intrusion, inside and out.


    • Wide stripe design makes it easy to identify the dripline as Techline Copper
    • Embedded Cupron® provides a layer of defense against root intrusion
    • Cupron® copper oxide (Cu20) technology will not wash out, wear off or leach out. Remaining effective throughout the life of the product
    • Cupron® copper oxide is approved for use by the EPA ensuring peace of mind.

    Copper is used in many industries for its antimicrobial properties and is recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as the fi rst anitmicrobial metal. It is an essential nutrient for humans and bacteria, but in specifi c concentrations, it can serve as an antimicrobial agent. Cupron’s proprietary technology is impregnated at specifi c concentrations to our patent-pending process ensuring it remains effective throughout the life of the product.

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