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Buy Direct & Save: VOLT® designs, manufactures, and distributes professional-grade lighting products directly to you at wholesale prices. Typical savings are 50% compared to similar products from other suppliers.

Buy with Confidence: VOLT® stands by its goods and offers the best warranties in the industry. Since we design and make the products, we are 100% confident in their quality. Read our thousands of 5-star reviews as a Google-Trusted Store.

Buy with Ease: A state-of-the-art e-commerce website, the VOLT® Online Store is easy to navigate and has all the info needed to make smart product choices. Accessible through any desktop or mobile device. All products in stock. Place an order before 5 pm (EST) and products ship same day - delivered in 3 days or less.

Passion for Quality and Innovation

A World-Class Team: The VOLT® product development team includes some of the industry’s most experienced and creative engineers, designers, and lighting experts. Working in the fully equipped VOLT® Innovation & Photometrics Labs, the team pursues an aggressive program of new product creation and continuous product improvement.

Built to the Most Rigorous Standards: VOLT® products - built to the highest standards of construction and performance. Field tested for durability and ease of installation, and certified by UL for safety, these products are among the best in the industry and carry the longest warranties.


VOLT® - ShadowMaster LED Path & Area Light
VOLT® Clamp-Connect Transformer Strength Test

 Press Releases

  • VOLT wins Product Innovation Award for ShadowMaster Light

    VOLT® Lighting is the most prolific developer of new products in the landscape lighting industry. These products range from time-saving installation tools to cutting-edge landscape lighting fixtures. Products from this last group caught the attention of Architectural SSL Magazine and its prestigious Product Innovation Awards (PIA).

    PIA judges evaluated and awarded two new VOLT lights, The Coachman™ and ShadowMaster™ LED Path & Area Lights. Architectural SSL (Solid-State Lighting), the awarding organization, honors the most innovative lights on the market. They also acknowledge leaders in the field working to advance the technology.

    Alan Brynjolfsson, Founder and President of VOLT® Lighting, comments on the awards, “Receiving the Product Innovation Awards confirms that our development team is on the right track. They are a creative and talented group that work hard every day to make the new products our customers want.”

    The first of the two awarded products, the patent-pending ShadowMaster™ Path & Area Light has several distinctive features. It stands 35 inches tall, nearly twice the height of typical residential path lights. It also has a distinct ornate style. Both the size and ornate appearance complement larger estates and commercial properties - especially those with wrought iron embellishments.

    Even more impressive than its daytime appearance is what happens after the sun goes down. The ShadowMaster™ projects a pattern of light and shadow that covers an 16-foot area. The light displays the same filigree pattern as with the daytime appearance. So, even at night, the fixture complements the architectural style of the estate.

    One PIA judge commented that the ShadowMaster™ is “a creative solution to designing an enjoyable/dynamic light pattern with shadow play.” Another judge said, “It’s not hard to love this product as it has an aesthetic presence both day and night.”

    VOLT wins Product Innovation Award for Coachman Light

    The second VOLT® product to win the PIA award, is the Coachman™ LED Path and Area Light. Brynjolfsson comments on the Coachman, “Coach lights are found outside nearly every home, and they all share the same problem - excessive brightness or glare. This was never an issue in pre-industrial days when these lights contained candles or gas flames. Later, with the advent of electric bulbs, coach lights became brighter and brighter to the point where they are painful to behold. Most people don’t realize that coach lights were once dim and easy-on-the-eyes - even romantic.”

    “That’s why we set out to re-invent the coach light. To replace the bulb with a romantic candle. And, to provide an area light for safety and security - strategically positioned so it is glare-free and hidden from view. This is the solution that came from our talented and creative product development team. And, the solution that so impressed the judges.”

    Like the ShadowMaster™, the Coachman™ has an impressive stature. Standing 62 inches tall, the life-like candle is at eye level. This LED candle, with its flickering flame, is the only one of its type - powered by a low voltage current and removable from its bi-pin socket.

    PIA judges commented that the Coachman™ is “very innovative” and an “excellent invention”. They noted that “hiding the light source while offering a beautiful life-like candle is a leading edge, innovative approach.”

    Receiving these two Product Innovation Awards would not have been possible without the company’s investment in their Innovations Lab, a state-of-the-art facility with CAD-driven 3-D prototype printing and an array of photometric test equipment. This lab is a beehive of activity with the product development team well on their way to introducing a host of new innovative products - many of which will (no doubt) be worthy of future awards.

  • VOLT® introduces the next generation of MR16 and integrated LED underwater, in-grade and well lights.

    Good quality underwater lights, especially with integrated LED technologies, have always been a challenge to find - until now. VOLT® Lighting has finally cracked the code on the ultimate Underwater Lights with our new mounting, tool-less adjustability, pressure fit gaskets and the latest in LED technology. 

    Well lights have also always suffered from flooding, or just water ingress which isn't usually covered by warranties because the fixtures themselves were never designed to be placed in areas that would be susceptible to water in the first place. We've taken the same approach to our well lights as we did with the underwater lights to ensure the same powerful seal so you can install these fixtures with confidence. 

    These fixtures all come ready to accept MR16 lamps or with our integrated LED technology making them ready to go right from the box into the application. The Salty Dog line of fixtures are the next evolution in what should be expected of high-quality landscape lighting fixtures. 

  • VOLT Lighting, leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products, has a well-earned reputation for product innovation. Over the past two years, the company introduced over 200 new products - many of them invented to make landscape lighting easier and faster - without sacrificing the integrity of the installation. This new Pro Junction Hub is another invention that satisfies those goals.

    Hub-type connectors have long been a critical component of landscape lighting systems. They allow the installer to connect up to 5 lights to a single hub connector. The hub is connected to the system’s power supply. By using a hub, the installer can make fewer connections and ensure that all lights in that group receive a similar voltage. They also provide a voltage testing point both before and after installation. These benefits all result in a faster, easier installation, that is less likely to fail over time.

    Michael Caselnova, Jr., Director of Product Development and Marketing, describes the development of the improved Pro Junction Hub, “VOLT® was the first company to use clamp-type connectors in hub junctions. Clamps are much easier and faster than typical twist-type hubs or hubs that use set screws. The introduction of our clamp-type hubs was received with enthusiasm from lighting pros and do-it-yourselfers. As with all new products, we encouraged reviews and feedback from our customers. They loved the clamps, but wanted them to be more accessible in the hub and to be easier to open and close.”

    “Within a few weeks of introducing the first Pro Junction Hub, we were in our Innovation Lab re-designing the hub and testing new prototypes. A few months later we went into production and launched the improved Pro Junction Hub. A new, upgraded clamp is used that is much easier to open and close, and the clamps are attached to the underside of the hubcap - more accessible and secure.”

    With the introduction of this re-designed Pro Junction Hub, VOLT® demonstrates, once again, that it leads the industry in developing tools to make the work of landscape lighting installers easier, faster, and more secure.

  • Image result for volt clamp connectClamp-Connect Transformers

    VOLT® has also integrated this technology into our newest line of transformers. We offer clamp-connect versions of our 150W, 300W, and 600W transformers, so contractors can enjoy the benefits of this technology regardless of the project’s size. Additionally, our extremely popular Slim Line transformer features these connectors. This low-profile transformer features a window on the front panel which allows you to use a photocell inside of the housing. When combined with the clamp-connect junctions, contractors can now install an entire landscape lighting system without twisting wires together!

    With advantages this clear the choice has never been easier. Clamp-connect products are simpler to use, faster to install, and result in a more secure connection than any other wire connector available. Take the hassle and guesswork out of connecting your landscape lighting system by making the switch to clamp-connect technology.

  • For a long time, halogen bulbs were the go-to choice for landscape lighting applications, but in the last few years, the industry has seen a rapid shift towards LEDs. Even though LED bulbs are more expensive initially, they are far more cost-effective in the long run. This is because modern LED lamps are capable of emitting the same amount of light as halogen bulbs using roughly 1/4th of the energy. This translates to a lower electricity bill each month for LED owners. This also reduces the number of wires you need to run to your fixtures since LED’s low energy consumption enables installers to have a greater number of fixtures on a run. Another benefit of LED lights is their life expectancy. For example, the LED bulbs offered by VOLT® Lighting boast a 40,000-hour lifespan. By the time your LED bulb stops working you would have replaced an equivalent halogen bulb over 10 times. This is both expensive and time-consuming. If you buy your LEDs at VOLT though, you will never need to worry about paying for a replacement, as all of the LED bulbs we offer come with a lifetime warranty. 

  • 1. Why/What prompted you to create these products?

    Landscape lighting systems are comprised of many individual pieces working together to create a transformative lighting effect. Through years of experience and research, the VOLT Lighting team has found that the majority of issues that may arise during a system’s installation can be traced back to how these individual pieces were connected to the rest of the system. The point where wires are connected to each other is more susceptible to failure than any other part of a landscape lighting system. Wire connections can be pulled apart, face increased exposure to the elements, and can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of an installation. So, we set out to fix that issue by launching VOLT’s Clamp-Connect Junctions and Pro Hub.

    2. How do these products remedy connection issues in the landscape lighting industry?

    VOLT’s Clamp-Connect products use patented technology to create a connection that is stronger, more weather resistant, and easier to use than previous generations of connectors. The Clamp-Connect products function using simple lever mechanisms to clamp down on the wire ends to create a secure, gas-tight connection. Connected wires require substantial force to remove once secured. Most other connector types rely on the twisting of stripped wire ends to hold the connection together. This allows the connection to be pulled apart with very little force and can result in an inconsistent flow of electricity if there is not enough direct contact between the wire ends. The Clamp-Connect system individually secures each wire end within a dedicated terminal. The connector then shares the electrical current between the terminals using internal components resulting in a stronger and more stable connection. In fact, we were able to suspend over 50 pounds of weight using only two clamp-connect terminals. Additionally, the Clamp-Connect Junctions include a silicone filled casing which surrounds the connection making it completely water resistant and capable of handling direct-ground burial.

    3. What sets these products apart from other connectors?

    VOLT has actually done direct comparison tests with some of the most popular connectors used in the landscape lighting industry to see how our Clamp-Connectors stack up. With “twist-on” connectors, installers are forced to disassemble and untangle the entire connection to access just one wire. With these connectors, installers can easily disconnect and reconnect wires to a system after the initial installation. Since each wire has its own connection terminal, a single fixture could be removed from a connection without affecting the other fixtures connected. This has shown to be extremely useful when troubleshooting or adding additional fixtures to a lighting system. Also, the time savings provided by Clamp-Connect style junctions should not be ignored. We had an installer connect 6 fixtures to a transformer using two Macro Junctions and then again with two traditional twist connectors. The Macro Junctions enabled the installer to complete the task twice as fast and resulted in a much stronger connection.


  • VOLT® Top Dog Cast Brass Spotlight
    Back by popular demand. Heavy duty and highly adjustable, great for all uplighting jobs....

  • VOLT® Top Dog Cast Brass Spotlight

    Designed for uplighting applications, the Top Dog features a fully adjustable glare guard and knuckles. The glare guard enables you to prevent light from entering unwanted areas like windows of structures or high traffic areas like walkways or roadways. The Top Dog fixture is also shielded and has a silicone plug at the base of the fixture where the lead wires exit, helping to prevent pests and humidity entering the fixture.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Solid cast brass construction
    • Pre-aged Antique Brass finish.
    • No coating to wear off or peel - just the natural brass that becomes more beautiful as it ages.
    • Also Available in Copper Solid brass or stainless steel components.
    • Choose from 4' standard or 25' hub ready 16G, SPT-2 premium tinned copper lead wire.
    • The lens is convex so water does not puddle on the lens which reduces hard water build-up and water intrusion.
    • Beryllium copper socket - more corrosion resistant than copper.
    • Socket and machine threaded body are pre-greased for smooth operation and moisture protection.
    • Silicone plug where lead wires exit fixture. Prevents ground moisture and insects from entering fixture through the stem.
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • VOLT® Max Spread Brass Path & Area Light
    Our most popular path/area light - solid brass with antique bronze finish - available with LED bulbs. Perfect for pathways, driveways, flower bed lighting, etc....

  • VOLT® Max Spread Brass Path & Area Light

    The Max Spread Brass Path & Area Light is our most popular path light. It projects a large 16' diameter region of illumination (30% greater than most of our other path lights). This large beam spread allows you to save money since the lights can be positioned farther apart. With solid brass construction and pro-grade internal components, we're proud to offer a lifetime warranty with this fixture.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Solid brass construction for durability and beauty.
    • Also available in copper. 
    • Ceramic white paint under shade for optimal light spread.
    • Choose from 4' standard or 25' hub ready 16G, SPT-2 premium tinned copper lead wire.
    • The body is machine threaded and screws tight onto an o-ring for the ultimate moisture tight design.
    • Adjustable shade moves up and down to increase or decrease brightness and glare.
    • Beryllium copper socket – more corrosion resistant than copper.
    • Silicone plug where lead wires exit fixture. Prevents ground moisture and insects from entering fixture through the stem.
    • Add 6", 12", or 24" extension rods to raise overall height and increase the illumination diameter.
    • Low voltage 12 volt fixture.
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Dark Sky Approved. Complies with IDA guidelines to conserve energy, prevent light pollution and minimize light trespass.

  • VOLT® 2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Light
    Two-in-One Tiki-Brass Torch with Flame and Low Voltage Area Light....

  • VOLT® 2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Light

    The VOLT® Tiki Torch Light is a modern tribute to the ancient tiki torches from Polynesia. Traditionally, tiki torches honor the spirits of fire and light. The VOLT® Tiki Torch keeps to this tradition since it contains both fire (fueled by an oil reservoir) and light (from an LED bulb located under the shade).

    In addition to lending a tropical look, this fixture functions as an insect repellent. This is accomplished by filling the reservoir with citronella oil. The Tiki Light also functions as an effective area light, projecting a wide circle of uniform illumination around its base. The fixture is typically positioned near the edges of decks and docks. In this way it functions to provide safety, security, and beauty.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Solid cast brass construction (including cap & chain) for lifetime durability.
    • Natural bronze finish that will continue to beautify as it ages.
    • Thick woven wick for large long-lasting flame.
    • Large oil reservoir.
    • Silicone plug at lead wire exit prevents ground moisture and insects from entering luminaire through the stem.
    • Clear glass globe to protect lamp
    • Extra-long (1-inch) strip-resistant threading and solid brass locknut for superior mounting stability.
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • VOLT® ShadowMaster™ LED Path & Area Light
    This unique patent-pending estate-sized luminaire features charming scrollwork and bold embellishments. At night, light shines through the designs to create a compelling pattern of light and shadow. Especially made for larger homes and properties....

  • LED ShadowMaster™ Path & Area Light

    This unique patent-pending estate-sized luminaire features charming scrollwork and bold embellishments. At night, light shines through the designs to create a compelling pattern of light and shadow. Especially made for larger homes and properties.

    The ShadowMaster is VOLT’s newest innovation in path and area lighting. Being the first estate sized fixture, it’s bigger (35 inches tall) and more robust (thicker stem and bigger stake) than your typical area light. This fixture is impressive in the daylight and breathtaking at night.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Cast aluminum construction with super-durable black powder coat finish.
    • Integrated single-source Cree® LED produces sharp and distinct shadow patterns.
    • 3' standard 16G, SPT-2 copper lead wire.
    • Silicone plug where lead wires exit fixture. Prevents ground moisture and insects from entering fixture through the stem.
    • Low voltage 12 volt fixture.
    • Dark Sky Approved
    • Patent-Pending
    • Approximately 16' diameter beam spread.
    • Increase the beam spread to approximately 24' in diameter with our 12" riser (sold seperately)
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • UL & cUL Listed

  • VOLT® Clamp-Connect 150 Watt (12v/15v) Transformer
    Exclusive VOLT® Innovation: 150W Clamp-Connect 12v/15v LED Landscape Lighting Transformers - featuring easy-to-use clamp-type connectors....

  • VOLT® Clamp-Connect 150 Watt (12v/15v) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

    This 150-watt Landscape Lighting Transformer features clamp-type terminal blocks that offer many advantages over typical screw-type blocks. Requiring no tools, the stripped wires are inserted individually into each hole, then clamped in place. The process is fast, simple, and provides extremely secure connections - you can't pull them loose.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Exclusive VOLT® Innovation! Clamp-type connectors to save time and money - and, for better connections that will never come loose.
    • Designed for LEDs - only two voltages required - 12 & 15 volts. The lower voltage for short runs, the higher voltage for longer runs or for runs with more fixtures.
    • Terminals rated for use of up to 12-gauge wire.
    • Toroidal core for more reliable, efficient, cooler and quieter operation than EI laminated transformers.
    • Control device receptacles for optional timers and photocells so you can set ON/OFF times.
    • Spacious wire compartment (in combination with the clamp-type connectors) makes installation a breeze.
    • Stainless steel enclosure with lockable hinged lid.
    • Colored wire markers & installation manual.
    • ETL Listed
    • Lifetime warranty on core and enclosure | Other Electrical Components - 5 years
  • VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Landscape Lighting Kit
    Complete, high-quality & easy-to-install. Includes 8 spotlights and 4 path lights - ideal for lighting entries to paths or entryways, and bushes, trees, house facades and architectural features. Bundled at a reduced price for additional savings!...

  • VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Landscape Lighting Kit | (8) Spot (4) Path Kit

    VOLT® LED landscape lighting kits satisfy many goals. They beautify your landscape, provide extra security and safety, and extend your nighttime living space. The kits also save energy with low wattage LEDs rated for a lifetime of use - we guarantee it.

    Each kit's components have been hand picked to provide a durable system that performs perfectly; everything you need in one convenient package. You will be delighted with this kit - and with the Lifetime Warranty.

    Includes the following:

    • (8) Infiniti™ 30 G3 Cast Brass LED Spotlights w/ 4' Lead Wire & VOLT® The Hammer™ 10" ground stakes
    • (4) Max Spread Path & Area Lights with 3w 2700K G4 LED Bipin's & 4' lead wire & VOLT® The Hammer™ 10" ground stakes
    • (1) 250’ Spool of 14/2 Premium Direct Burial Landscape Lighting Cable
    • (2) DryConn® Waterproof Connectors - BG 12-packs
    • (1) 1/2" PVC Conduit
    • (1) VOLT®'s Clamp-Connect 150 watt Low Voltage Transformer w/ Mechanical Timer

    Fixtures, Bulbs, and Transformers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • VOLT® All-Star™ Cast Brass Spotlight
    Our new flagship brass spotlight designed for durability and flexibility. Uses replaceable MR16 LED bulbs for wide selection of color temps, wattages, and beam angles....

  • All-Star™ Cast Brass Spotlight (Antique Bronze Finish)

    High-performance spotlight designed for LED MR16 bulbs The VOLT® All-Star ™ Spotlight is a new generation of lighting fixture designed for replaceable MR16 LED bulbs. It features a compact and efficient body with fins designed to draw heat away from the LED lamp. Other performance features include an easy-to-adjust (and secure) knuckle and a 360º adjustable glare guard. We combine the best features of our most popular spotlights into one premium fixture. The durability of The Tank, plus the versatility of The Top Dog - perfect for uplighting trees, buildings, structures, flags, and more.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Solid cast brass construction for lifetime durability.
    • Natural bronze finish that will continue to beautify as it ages.
    • Silicone plug at lead wire exit prevents ground moisture and insects from entering luminaire through the stem.
    • 4' cUL certified 18AWG, SPT-1 premium tinned copper lead wire standard. (25' available for an additional 5.97)
    • Watertight Silicone O-Ring - keeps water from entering luminaire.
    • Extra-long (1-inch) strip-resistant threading and solid brass locknut provide superior mounting stability.
    • Heavy duty adjustable knuckle (without teeth) and adjustable glare guard - allows for precise positioning.
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Orientation Note: This fixture is designed as an up-light only. For downward-facing applications, please use VOLT downlight fixtures.

  • VOLT® Fat Boy Brass Spotlight
    VOLT's® Fat Boy Spotlight is easily the most affordable all-brass fixture in low voltage outdoor lighting. Sheet brass body, cast brass knuckle, and solid brass screws and knobs....

  • VOLT® Fat Boy

    Includes 360º rotatable shroud, PVC Hammer™ Stake (brass surface mount base shown in picture is an optional accessory). Uses Halogen or LED MR-16 lamps rated up to 50w. Uses premium grade internal components: Silicone sealed at lead wire exit, internal heat reflector, pre-greased ceramic socket for longevity and convex lens for shedding water.

    Perfect for any uplighting application. The Fat Boy Spotlight is a great solution for any budget without sacrificing pro-grade quality.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Sheet brass construction
    • Pre-aged brass finish. There is no powder coating, paint or finish to wear off or peel—just the natural patina beauty of brass that does not corrode.
    • Solid brass or stainless steel components.
    • 360º rotatable glare guard
    • The body is machine threaded and screws tight onto an O-ring for the ultimate moisture tight design.
    • Choose from 4' standard or 25' hub ready 16G, SPT-2 premium tinned copper lead wire.
    • The lens is convex so water does not puddle on the lens which reduces hard water build-up and water intrusion.
    • Ceramic high temperature socket.
    • Socket and machine thread body are pre-greased for smooth operation and moisture protection.
    • Silicone plug where lead wires exit fixture. Prevents ground moisture and insects from entering fixture through the stem.
    • Complete water shedding and drainage off convex lens.
    • Low voltage, 12 volts.
    • Requires VOLT's® Low Voltage Transformer (Sold Separately, click to view)
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Lifetime Warranty
    Orientation Note: Use only for up-lighting. For downward-facing applications, please use VOLT downlights.
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